I Can’t Celebrate “Freedom” When My Daughters And I Are In Fact Losing Rights And Freedoms

Roe V Wade being overturned is heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking for the women whose bodies physically cannot handle a pregnancy. It’s […]

Roe V Wade being overturned is heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking for the women whose bodies physically cannot handle a pregnancy. It’s heartbreaking for rape victims who have to give birth to a child from a man that has traumatized them for life. It’s heartbreaking for the teenagers who live in an environment that isn’t suitable to bring a newborn into. And, pregnancy aside, it’s heartbreaking for all females across the country who are losing the rights to their bodies and being stripped of a choice.

This year, my family did not celebrate the fourth of July. As a mother of three girls, I could not lead them to believe that this is what freedom looks like. And Tyler, a father who carries the purpose of being a strong support system for his daughters and someone they can trust, felt the same, that this year did not call for a celebration.

On my social, I asked people to share their experiences with abortion. I am sharing these stories with you because it’s important to give women voices in this time when they are feeling unheard and undervalued. Hearing what some of these women had to say was stomaching while others were refreshing. These stories display the outcome of how real human lives are affected by becoming pregnant when they aren’t ready or caught in a bad situation. These stories share why abortion was the better choice for them as individuals, as couples, and/or for the [what would have been] future child.

Before continuing I want to say, we understand that everyone might not agree with our decision however, we kindly ask that you do not flood us with negativity. Ultimately, we respect everyone’s opinions and emotions and all we ask is that ours are respected the same.

A Message From Tyler To Our Nation And The Women Within It


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As a father of three girls, it is my duty to PROTECT MY DAUGHTERS and I promise that I will always fight for them! I’m raising three WOMEN with my wife and this infuriates me for them. And, anyone who truly believes that women deserve to have their body autonomy rights and for those rights to be protected under federal law, I would imagine feels similar.

The bottom line is that the decision to choose if abortion is the right choice for anyone should be between THEM & A DOCTOR of their choice.

The sad addition to overturning Roe V Wade is that our country won’t even guarantee free healthcare to these babies once they’re born or the mothers healthcare while pregnant. Our country doesn’t even have mandatory maternity leave (like the rest of the modern developed countries around the world) for our women. We were already so far behind than the rest of the world in terms of human civil rights progression and it seems as though we’re only going backwards.

It’s mind blowing to realize that women in the generation before us had more rights than the female population right now. It’s flat out not right. Our motive should be equality. Not control.

To those who are opposing the right to bodily autonomy, I have one question. Do you remember the history and origin of this nation and why we have the democracy we all love and cherish so much?


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

Yet we’re STILL having to fight to keep religion out of political law! This is the whole reason our “founding fathers” decided to write the constitution in the first place! To be free from the possibility of totalitarian tyrannical power and to protect, insure and uphold our rights as citizens!

The bottom line is, Nobody is forcing you to get an abortion. Nobody is forcing you to like abortion. Nobody is forcing you to agree on abortion.

YOU HAVE A CHOICE and the FREEDOM to do what you want with your own reproductive organs. YOU HAVE A CHOICE between YOU and YOUR DOCTOR on how to best manage your personal individual healthcare (which include your reproductive organs). Why would anyone not want these rights? And, if you want them for yourself then it’s only fair to want them for others also. By trying to control someones choice is proving that you do not trust their decision making process and, how could you believe that you know best for someone you don’t even know?

I’m angry. I’m hurt. I’m disappointed. I’m scared for my daughters and so many other women right now and I am just so sorry for them that this is happening. This is not the world I wanted to raise my daughters in. My heart breaks for them and everyone in their shoes. But, I promise I will humbly seek more knowledge and understanding on how to be the best advocate for my wife, my daughters, and all woman out there!

Women have been devalued, marginalized & oppressed many times before & yet their tenacity for equality has always remained strong, vigorous & unbreakable! Therefore, I have faith in this fight because I have faith in the STRENGTH OF OUR WOMEN in this country! To all the women out there…I stand with you & I will always fight for you!

Sharing Voices That Deserve To Be Heard


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On my Instagram I asked for people to share their thoughts towards the overturning of Roe V Wade along with their experiences with abortion.

I received responses from people all over the world, expressing their fear and concern for women in america, toddlers to adults.

For now, I am going to share the shorter responses that I received through my story. However, in my direct messages, I was sent more detailed experiences that I will be sharing in another article.

And, for the safety of these users, I will be keeping everyone anonymous.

“Without access to abortion; I would have gone septic and died.”

“Teacher here & knew a 13 y/o pregnant by her dad. She said she was lucky to miscarry.”

“I got pregnant at 17. I was not ready. I now have a college degree, married, 2 children that would not have happened.”

“I’ve had 3. All while I was in an abusive relationship. No regrets. I was able to get out.”

“My friend had to have a medical necessary abortion due to her baby not having a brain.”

“My obgyn won’t give my 16 year old and IUD but expect them to birth a child.”

“In my 20’s a guy took off the condom. I used the day after pill and still got p!”

“My sister has to had a surgical abortion because she hemorrhaged w/ her 1st child. And, if she didn’t have an abortion her chances of hemorrhaging and dying is 99%”

With this, I received people’s reactions to the overturning Roe V Wade.

“Dear pro lifers, will I be “aborting” my frozen embryos from IVF if I choose not to use or donate them?”

“Live action Handmaid’s Tale”

“Everyone should have the option. Pro-choice 1,000%. It isn’t my place to decide what someone else can do.”

“Scared to be pregnant for the first time with a girl – when I should be excited.”

“I’m from the UK but am devastated that female rights have been removed.”

“I’m in Australia and feel so angry for you all.”

“Worried for my daughter! Plan to have a fund of money if she should need/ want to go to a diff state.”

“I’m here from Sweden and can’t for the life of me understand how this can be happening in 2022?!”

“I’m from Australia, it makes me scared what other countries might follow suit.”

The overturning of Roe V Wade is a catalyst to the consistent fear occurring around the world. People are worried for the rights of women as a whole. We can’t help but wonder, what else could come of this?