Rihanna Leads Women, Ranking As The Youngest Self-Made Billionare Woman in The US

What we see and who we see in the media has a powerful effect on us, the younger generation specifically, […]

What we see and who we see in the media has a powerful effect on us, the younger generation specifically, having so many outlets to access the star-studded world of celebs. Because of that, it’s easy to mistake what is truly valuable versus what is just monetary. In a 2018 interview with New York Times’, T Magazine Rihanna shared, “My money is not for me; it’s always the thought that I can help someone else.” She continued, “The world can really make you believe that the wrong things are priority, and it makes you really miss the core of life, what it means to be alive.”

Youngest Female Self-Made Billionaire


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Oh, Rihanna, she’s done it again and she just keeps on doing it. The Billboard chart-topping singer earned her title from famous music tracks including, “Umbrella,” “Disturbia” and “Rude Boy” along with several entrepreneurial ventures which I’m sure you’re familiar with- Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin, and Savage x Fenty. Her success isn’t driven by the desire to be rich but rather the desire to make the world a place where everyone feels included.

According to Forbes, the 34-year-old mom of one, ranked 21 in the overall list, multiplied her fortune primarily through music and her cosmetics line Fenty Beauty, which she co-owns with French luxury retailer LVMH.

Rihanna’s profile on Forbes reveals that Fenty Beauty earned over $550 million in revenue in 2020. It also shares that her 30 percent stake in the Savage x Fenty lingerie line raised money at a $1 billion valuation in February 2021. And, in March 2022, it was reported by Bloomberg that she’s working with advisors on an initial public offering that has the potential to value Savage x Fenty at $3 billion or more.

Fenty Beauty + Fenty Skin


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“Makeup is there for you to have fun with,” said Rihanna when talking about Fenty Beauty. “It should never feel like pressure. It should never feel like a uniform. Feel free to take chances, and take risks, and dare to do something new or different,” she added.

The Barbados native was inspired by her mother’s lipstick at a young age which transpired into her using makeup as her “weapon of choice for self- expression, a way to radiate her ever-changing mood,” writes the Fenty Beauty website. She launched a line that gives every skin tone a match when searching for a foundation, created with a formulas that works for all skin types as well.

Fenty Skin was born with the purpose of blurring out pores to give your complexion a smooth and clear complexion. Their website writes, “pores are the gateway to skin that looks fresh, healthy, bright, and smooth. And while you can’t cancel out the number of pores you’ve got, you can tap into the skin science that makes them look practically nonexistent. Keeping pores unclogged also helps control surface oil and creates an ultra-smooth canvas for makeup. It ultimately comes down to the big three: clear, refine, and balance. In that order.”

The Fenty Skin line offers three must-haves with an overnight essential to elevate your skin game even higher.

  • Step One: Total Cleans’r – remove make-up and detoxify pores
  • Step Two: Fat Water – a toner-serum hybrid that powers down on pores, dark spots, and shine
  • Step Three: Hydra Vizor – prep skin for make-up, lock in hydration, target discoloration, and provide SPF
  • Step Four (the bonus step): Instant Reset Brightening Overnight Rovery Gel-Cream – revives skin overnight, gives skin a glow for the morning, reduces the look of pores, and minimizes the look of dark spots over time

If you’ve used these products, you can understand how they’ve assisted in bringing Rihanna to billionaire status.

A True Icon Of Our Time


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Rihanna moved from her home in Barbados with a dream and a strong work ethic. She’s made her mark in music and continues to leave a positive imprint on the society with the work she does and the attitude she has.

She’s the definition of women supporting other women, everything that I admire and aspire to be myself and challenge my daughter to be as well as they continue to grow up.