Richie Media Corp. Announces First Joint-Venture “CATE” Magazine

Richie Media Corp. partners with reality stars Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra to launch CateMagazine.

Known for their unabashed voices on social media, MTV stars Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra, who have chronicled more than half their lives on reality television through the “Teen Mom” series, are joining forces with digital disruptor Richie Media Corp. (RMC) to unveil The digital platform will be the home for the couples’ compelling lifestyle, parenting and news content.

“Our family is extremely excited for this new business adventure. We love our fans and feel honored by their support. With the new CATE brand, our hope is to give more love to those who have been with us over the past decades. So be ready because this baby is ready to rock!” said Catelynn Baltierra.

Catelynn and Tyler have gripped America’s attention since they were teenagers, defying the odds and overcoming trauma with love and an unbreakable family bond. is their exclusive content platform where they will share their news to more than 7 million engaged followers.

“I’m so excited to be partners with the Baltierra family on this project. RMC is always looking at the future of media,” said Nik Richie, RMC founder and CEO. “We believe that will be a game changer for exclusive celebrity info. Although social media is a great outlet, a celebrity’s posts are easily soiled by publishers. Therefore, the talent loses revenue and control of their own stories. Richie Media Corp. wants to develop individual brands that focus on a controlled, niche audience. Cate Magazine by Catelynn Baltierra will be our first joint venture launch, with many more to come. True role models of love, it’s time to broadcast the best from the Baltierra family.”

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Richie Media Corporation formed by Nik Richie in 2022, holds several digital entities in its portfolio such as, the streaming travel and lifestyle shows 10M, Richie Rides, and The Hotel, as well as a podcasting platform featuring True Crime, Entrepreneur, and Kids content. RMC has raised more than $1.2 million in its pre-seed round of funding and plans to raise $100 million for its continued expansion.

Richie has proven his talent and expertise in an extraordinary career spanning nearly two decades in pop-culture-driven media, including digital, television and social media. He defined the term ‘Celebrity Blogger’, has crusaded for first-amendment rights, and broke some of the biggest investigative news stories of this era. In his professional and personal evolution, he now wears the badges of father, philanthropist, mentor and disruptor.