Words From A Poet: High Risk Comes With High Reward So Embrace Your Fears To Become Better


Jun. 30 2022, Published 3:03 p.m. ET

You are the only thing holding you back from getting stronger, becoming better, and learning deeper. Blaming outside factors for our worries and fears is common. And, it makes sense [in our minds.] However, everything that we are scared of starts from within. It's important that we recognize what we are afraid of and lean into it rather than away from it, that's what makes us brave.

Your fears don't have to define you instead, they can help sculpt you.

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Tyler writes about his battles with his fears in a way that's admirable and inspiring.

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I am brave because I’m afraid

but I do it anyway

See we need fear to keep us safe

But we forget that it’s an emotion we can manipulate to better facilitate

taking a rewarding risk

& defeating what scares us,

while still embracing every mistake on the way

as a lesson learned & not a definition

of who we are as a person

When Tyler approaches life in this way it motivates me to do the same. I've become more comfortable with voicing those uncomfortable thoughts and facing them head-on rather than falling weak to them. I refuse to feel small inside my own mind and he's taught me how to not.

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My husband reminds me how to keep pushing, even on the days that are tougher than others. Giving up isn't an option when you're trying to get over the big hill in front of you.

He shared a poem in that realm of things which resonated with me and it's written below.

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My vision is bigger than opinions

I have mediocre skill, but possess a will that’s phenomenal & my will is what instills

my motivation to become incredible

I’m unstoppable, because I see something

I want & don’t stop until I succeed

I don’t stop moving each mountain

until I’m staring eye level at every peak

Without trembling & if you don’t believe me

then try to meet me up here...

Just know this mountain is unforgiving to those who are weak

So make sure to come hungry & ready to eat

Because I won’t give up this seat so easily

I fought to sit here at my place that I earned from conquering fears & building self esteem...what I learned was so clear,

you don’t need anyone else on your side besides the one that has brought you here

Although at times it may seem like you can't or you won't, you can. Allowing yourself to believe that your unworthy will only make you unworthy. However, telling yourself that you're more than what you're afraid of will give you that space. You got this.


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