Save This For A Rainy Day: Activities To Bond Over When Your House Is Your Playground


Jun. 27 2022, Published 3:21 p.m. ET

Sunny days, 85 degrees, are wonderful, there's no denying it. However, sometimes we need a rainy day to keep us inside and unwind from the feeling of having to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

Spending time together with my family always fills my heart. It gives us time to build on our relationships and become stronger as a whole. Conversations are a great way to get to know one another but when you have kids in the mix, sometimes it takes something more interactive like a board game or a card game.

Save these activities for your next rainy day to bond with family members or roommates.

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Paint Portraits Of Eachother

Now, you might already be saying "Cate, I have zero art skills," however, who cares! The portrait you paint doesn't have to be the work of Picasso, it just has to be fun. The image can portray whatever you want it to. Paint a portrait of how you see the person internally (a beautiful mind that blossoms with optimism, smiley faces as their skin tone because they're always spreading happiness).

This activity is meant to be fun and bring out your creative side (which we all have even if you don't believe it) while communicating how you see the person/ people you created a home with.

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Board Games, duh!

A little friendly competition with board games never fails. And, if you have a sore loser in the family this could be a great opportunity to teach them how to be okay with a loss every now and then haha. But, besides that, board games are also just awesome! They remove us from the little black mirrors in our hands and the televisions on the wall. They also bring people together in an intimate space to problem solve and have fun.

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We're Not Really Strangers

Okay, if you don't know of this card game, you MUST go pick it up. For just $25 you will become closer with whoever you play this game with (as long as you vow to be vulnerable).

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There's three levels of questions. Each level gets more intense, forcing us to go deeper into our minds and the minds of others. It's a game that is meant to bring people closer and connect as human beings. I can't rave about it enough to be honest so, I'll just stop here and wait for you to go get it.

Watch A Documentary

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Television has it's ways of disconnecting us from the people that we're in a room with but, it can always create conversation.

Streaming platforms have been releasing so many documentary movies and series that are captivating and great for conversation.

On a rainy day, find one for everyone to watch together that you can talk about during (while pausing of course) or after.


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