So Apparently There Is Right and Wrong When Applying Perfume

So Apparently There Is Right and Wrong When Applying Perfume


Sep. 19 2022, Published 3:12 p.m. ET

There's a fine line between not enough and too much when putting on perfume. It's easier to cross it than to stay behind it because why not play it safe and spray more to be sure that you're carrying a nice scent? However, that's not necessary if you apply your perfume the "right" way. The know-how behind properly using your perfume goes beyond volume. Where you spray and how you apply it matters just as much if you intend on the scent lasting you all day.

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$10 or $100, Make Your Perfume Last

Find your scent.

We all have our signature bottle that we turn to for everyday use but, change it up with the seasons when you can. Try something with warm and woody notes for the fall time or something with a kick of spice for the winter.

Take a test run with some samples before purchasing an entire bottle.

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Hydrate your skin prior to applying.

Post-shower, when your skin is free of dirt, warm, and slightly damp, is the best time to apply any product. Applying your perfume after a good rinse is ideal for keeping the scent stuck on you all day. But, if you don't have time to shower, apply non-scented lotion. The more moisturized your skin is, the longer the perfume will last.

Apply to pulse points.

Your neck, wrists, back of knees and other pulse points release more heat than any other parts of the body. Remember seeing your mom or grandmother tapping their wrists and neck with perfume? That wasn't for fun. It was practical. Applying a spritz to warmer areas of the body allows the heat to activate the scent greater. Two spritz to the skin is typically enough but can vary depending on the potency of the perfume.

And remember, dab, don't rub. Rubbing your wrists together rather than dabbing them can dull the top notes of the scent. Rubbing will also mix the perfume into your natural oils more which can alter the scent you originally intended to have. Dabbing will allow the perfume to slowly sink into your skin instead.

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Don't spray your perfume on your clothes.

shocked right? I was too. Even the smallest spritz of perfume could damage your clothing, leaving stains. And, it would all be for nothing because the scent won't last anyways. As I previously said, spritz your skin post-shower or after a lotion application and let it dry onto your skin before getting dressed.

Keep your natural scent only.

Don't distort your body's natural scent with fragrance-packed body washes and lotions. Keep them to a minimum or cut them out entirely if you can. Allow your perfume to do its best work by having no other scents to have to collaborate with besides your body's signature one.


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