Words From A Poet: Cheating The System Gets You Nowhere

Words From A Poet: Cheating The System Gets You Nowhere


May 17 2022, Published 12:20 p.m. ET

Below are multiple poems that were written by Tyler now, strung together to create a short storyline. Beginning with a mind that carries pain and sorrow but then, exhibits strength within and finally, letting mother nature do the rest and being at peace with the world.

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"It's A Curse To Think I'm Better By Myself"

It’s a curse to think I’m better by myself

That’s why I never ask for help

or seek any pity that keeps me believing something’s wrong with how I see things

But to be honest, I think it’s ironic

that when I’m alone, all I want is someone around to ease my conscious that is full of negative topics

which keep me sardonic...Maybe I do need help to stop it

Maybe I should call in that prescription for these pills & pop them

Maybe my psychiatrist is right & my mind is infected with too many problems

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My Life Is Not Yours To Judge

Emotional homicides in my mind all the time

I don’t know what’s wrong with the organ that lies behind these eyes...All I know is my heart is becoming

hard to find & searching is exhausting

when the past leaves you blind

All these negative thoughts need to unwind

All I need is authentic love that is truly kind, connected to a heart that doesn’t lie...Because I know deep down...I’m worth way more than wasted time

So don’t waste mine with your irrelevant opinions that make no difference

on how I live my life

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We Don't Have To Think Alike To Get Along

See the world how you’re supposed to

With an open heart, open mind & curiosity to better understand one another

as a co existing species of collective human beings, who can still love each other...even with different beliefs

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The Energy Of The Universe Will Steer You Right

Monster is a term that is descriptive

It’s said with words but is subjective

To the worm, a small bird is a monster

But for a cat, the small bird is a snack& for the cat, a coyote

is the enemy dressed in all black& for the coyote, the cougar awaits

ready to attack, but the cougar can only hunt if the earth allows it...For the balance of the cougar relies on the grounds of the planet

Try to understand this...If Mother Nature doesn’t want it to will not happen

She will fight that war until the bitter end...So be careful how you choose to do battle

& how you take advantage

or we will all lose the beauty& greatness of mother earth's blessings


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