Words From A Poet: Food For Thought To Foster A Positive Head Space Going Into The Weekend

Words From A Poet: Food For Thought To Foster A Positive Head Space Going Into The Weekend


Sep. 23 2022, Published 12:34 p.m. ET

All of us work hard Monday through Friday. Some people even extend it in Saturday and/or Sunday. Life can be a weight of its own at times and it's common to feel down just due to natural everyday stresses.

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Today is Friday and it's the beginning of fall. There's plenty to smile about going into this weekend. Set yourself up for a great next couple of day and even better start to the new season with these positive words from Tyler.

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I don’t really care if everybody likes me

No I’m not scared of life, because I love me

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Hopefully in this sea of negativity

You remember that positivity is the key to happiness & tranquility

Stay focused on your progress

You don't need anybody else

Keep growing your spiritual wealth

Always focus on your mental health

It's yourself who gets you out of bed

Don't listen to the voices in your head

Telling you that you deserve to be dead

Just focus on the positive & help it spread

You may be ripped apart, but you’re the thread

So take that needle & heal what's needed

In order to sew yourself back together again

You may be your own problem, but you hold the solution to the pollution in your brain

So get to cleaning if you ever want to escape

Because acknowledging the problem is the first step towards healing your inner pain


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