Words From A Poet: Facing Your Emotions Is More Powerful Then Suppressing Them

Words From A Poet: Facing Your Emotions Is More Powerful Then Suppressing Them


Sep. 14 2022, Published 8:10 p.m. ET

There's a consistent belief that numbing ourselves to our pain is synonymous with being emotionally strong. I hate to break it to you though. That's not true. Real strength is feeling those emotions for what they truly are and embracing them no matter how scary or painful they might be.

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Suppressing thoughts and feelings only suppresses us as individuals. It minimizes our voice and allows us to believe that what we want doesn't actually matter when it in fact does.

Owning your emotions gives you something to stand for. It allows you to know your emotional limits. This in turns helps you keep the right people around you. And by "right people" I mean those who compliment you as a person - they bring out the best in you and you do the same for them.

Being in tune with out emotions allows us to make stronger connections with those we love. It opens up a new door to vulnerability.

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Words from Tyler:

Keeping your feelings hidden to seem strong is not bravery

Breaking down your walls & facing the pain that’s inside takes true courage & strength even when it’s scary

So stop being your own worst enemy

Because even at your best

You will never be good enough for the wrong person’s energy


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