Words From A Poet: Practice Makes Progress And Progress Needs Persistence

Words From A Poet: Practice Makes Progress And Progress Needs Persistence


May 24 2022, Published 12:32 p.m. ET

Perfection isn't attainable but the progression is. With practice and persistence comes growth and when we decide to commit to our desires we gain control over how far we get. This can translate into our career, health, sports, hobbies, relationships, and friendships.

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Tell Yourself You're Worth The Time and Effort

You’re worth loving

You’re a treasure to keep

You’re a special human being

You deserve to be living & breathing

on this planet, exploring all your talents

while achieving every goal

that you choose to chase after

So don’t lose hope, just love what matters

& embrace every mistake

to be rewritten as a lesson

Because your life is never a waste

& you’re a beautiful person

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Practice Makes Progress So Keep Going

‪Progress requires persistence...‪

Persistence requires commitment...‪

Commitment requires desire...‪

& desire requires knowing you deserve better

& accepting you are no longer ignorant

on what goals to chase after

So don’t waste any more time

worrying about irrelevant opinions

that make no difference

on how you live your life

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Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Progress lies outside the comfort zone‬‪

So if you feel uncomfortable,

‬‪it’s likely where you’re meant to go ‬


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