"I Am Woman, I Am Fearless, I Am Sexy, I'm Divine," Song Lyrics To Live By


Jun. 13 2022, Published 4:15 p.m. ET

There are a lot of truths to being female. Some are hard truths and others make us feel like superheroes. I mean, who else can create an entire living being inside them? But, no matter what we're referring to, it's important that as humans and as women specifically, we feel connected to who we are inside. By challenging introspection and knowing the way our bodies tick, we are able to present ourselves as the empowered and magical beings that we are. And, if you're ever feeling self-doubt, listen to this song.

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However, if the song doesn't do it for you, here's some other fun facts about why being a woman is great and why YOU as a woman are great.

A Woman's Level of Communication Is Excellent

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Research has shown that women have "superior communication skills." We also use a "wider variety of words in social situations."

And, from experience, many of us can relate that when faced with issues in relationship (platonic, family, or romantic) lack of communication plays a major part. We can be dubbed as being "needy" for wanting conversation that irons things out, however, it truly is necessary. And, us as women as more aware of that.

Women Have Endless Wardrobe Choices

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Gosh! One of the best things about being female is the fashion. We can dress however we want. Truly!

Accessories to dress up a t-shirt and jeans? You got it

Your boyfriends clothes for a quick trip the store? Absolutely!

A floor length gown with flawless make-up and an up-do? Uhm, yes please.

Clothing is an amazing way to express who you are and what's better than having infinite options to do that?

Women Wrote The Most Successful Book Franchises Of Our Time

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If you're not sure of what I'm talking about, are you familiar with Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games or 50 Shades of Grey?

Thought so.

Women Own Their Feelings

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Women are awesome at being vulnerable. Going back to what I said about communication. Humans need it. And, in order to communicate effectively with another we need to know how to understand and own our feelings- a.k.a be vulnerable.

Sometimes it might take a shot of tequila (or two) but, women are willing to face the music and get everything out there, especially when it's needed most.

The List Can Go On Forever

Beyond all of those amazing truths, being a woman is a beautiful way to experience life. In the words of Emmy Meli,

I am woman, I am fearless

I am sexy, I'm divine

I'm unbeatable, I'm creative

Honey, you can get in line

I am feminine, I am masculine

I am anything I want

I can teach you, I can love you

If you got it goin' on


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