Words From A Poet: Choose To Attract The Better Not Bitter

Words From A Poet: Choose To Attract The Better Not Bitter


May 13 2022, Published 12:53 p.m. ET

Don’t give in to the attraction of people that operate at low vibrations

They attack people who strive for greatness

& they’re threatened by anyone who operates at higher vibrations,

because those kinds of people can fight for themselves to manifest their own happiness...

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& that happens to be a constant reminder to those who suffer from their own mundane complacent behavior

They lack the possession of the passion

that’s required to acquire enough desire

in order to transpire to make their life better

So no matter their opinion, just remember

that you will always be winning when you choose to vibe higher

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And, before you go, just one more from Tyler for the road.

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I operate on higher vibrations

I don’t give in to evil temptation

I let my spirit guide situations

That make me feel stuck in locations

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Then I let authentic love take me places

That make me happy but not complacent

Somewhere between inspiration & motivation

I let my past pain be the reason I embrace more living, instead of just surviving...

because there’s so much more to life

when it gets heavy, If you just keep on climbing!


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