Words From A Poet: A Reminder That You Can't Heal Others Before Healing Yourself

Words From A Poet: A Reminder That You Can't Heal Others Before Healing Yourself


Jul. 12 2022, Published 3:58 p.m. ET

It's easy to distract ourselves from our own problems and stresses by filling up our time with helping others with theirs. And while that may be fulfilling at the moment, it only keeps you moving in a circle. And, once those people don't need you anymore, then what?

It's vital to take care of you first. Listen to you and what you need. Solve your problems and nurture your life because without being stable yourself, how can you continue to be stable for others?

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It can be scary to fully immerse yourself into the world of you and what YOU need and want. At time it can feel selfish as well. Kneading out these knots will take a lot out of you but it will also bring a lot of good to you which in turn, you'll be able to share with those around you that care for so much.

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Words from Tyler,

my brain is not normal

my thoughts aren’t desirable

& my desires are uncomfortable

they may all be relatable

But man they’re despicable

I’m so sick of being difficult!

I’m sick of pretending I’m happy

& fighting these emotions

that I need to start accepting

it’s fucking pitiful!

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I’m always putting everyone else ahead of me but yet they don’t seem to see

that I refuse to sacrifice for the one person that truly matters which is me

& I don’t mean to sound conceited but if you don’t love yourself

& ignore all those dreams that just collect dust on the shelf you can never really be any help to yourself

So don’t put everyone else ahead of the truth, that realizing the most important one is you if you ever want to win

Because without a healthy you

You will never be any help to anyone in the end


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