Words From A Poet: If You Don't Love Yourself Then How Can You Love Another?

Words From A Poet: If You Don't Love Yourself Then How Can You Love Another?


May 18 2022, Published 12:27 p.m. ET

It's often that we empty out ourselves to give to others. We tend to be convinced that happiness within comes from the happiness that we put out. And, maybe in some cases, however, if we don't refuel ourselves or get refueled by others with the same amount of love then eventually we will have nothing left to give.

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Some people lack peace internally and require others to give it to them with no intent on returning the favor. It's important that we recognize those individuals and create boundaries that are healthy to make sure that we always leave enough love inside for our personal selves.

Read along for some poetry from Tyler that reflects this truth.

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You hope I don’t succeed,while I pray you get on your feet

See, that’s the difference between you & me...I have a loyal heart that won’t leave& you have a cold soul with sharp teeth

That sink into every insecurity...But I refuse to let your depleted peace

Drown me in your misery

Because in order to love me...You can no longer be a part of my destiny & for once I’m not sorry that I have no pity& finally carry the strength to leave & seek serenity...even if that means being alone

with only me!

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I don’t really care if everybody likes me

No I’m not scared of life, because I love me

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If you truly love me

Love me without losing yourself

Touch me without using your hands

Nurture me without neglecting your spirit...because loving yourself

Is the purest way to prove that you mean it

We’re all perfect from our imperfections

We’re a collective tribe of individual successes

We’re not a slave to whatever the best is

We were meant to strive for greatness

We weren’t designed to be monotonous

We were designed to be artists

We weren’t meant to be modest

We were designed to flourish

We weren’t meant to be restricted

We were designed to be creative

We weren’t meant to be neglected

We were designed to be accepted

We weren’t meant to be divided

We were designed to be together...

Because we are designed to love one another Effortlessly like the wind carries a feather


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