Words From A Poet: Little Letters To My Daughters About Love and Worthiness

Words From A Poet: Little Letters To My Daughters About Love and Worthiness


Jun. 6 2022, Published 5:29 p.m. ET

Love is magical and love is tragic. Nothing compares to experiencing love for the first time. The butterflies, the daydreams, the honeymoon phase that feels like it'll last forever. And, there's nothing like your first heartbreak. The pain that comes from the questions 'why?' and 'how?' For some of us, heartbreak is one of our first experiences with trauma and insecurities.

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The bad news is, everything I just mentioned is inevitable. The good news is however, it doesn't all have to be bad.

There are ways to grow from heartbreak. We find ourselves while in love and we grow when we're forced to move on from it. During a time of hurting we have to the opportunity to grow stronger. We can self reflect and tell ourselves that it wasn't us asking for too much or not being enough- it was simply just the wrong person.

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Raising three girls we know that we will be dealing with a variety of experiences when it comes to love and relationships. And, although we can't protect our girls from the heartbreak that other inflict on them, we can at least teach them how to rebuild their heart and stay connected to themselves through the process.

A Poem About Strength

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I know you’ve been hurt in the past

I know they broke you down to put yourself last

I know you try to sleep at night while you fight not to text them, even though they cast you aside so they can conquer their next one

I know you blame yourself

thinking you tried too hard, but don’t ever feel guilty for loving the wrong person

even if it causes emotional scars

Because that heart you have

is what makes you beautiful & strong

It’s what makes you stand out from the crowd & with that loving heart you should always feel proud

A Poem About Worthiness

Don’t ever let a man be the reason you build walls

Don’t ever let a man be the reason you feel small

Don’t ever let a man be the reason you don’t stand tall

He will try to burn you down with his insecurity fueled matches

But you’re a woman, like a phoenix with enough power to rise from his ashes

& fly past every weakness that he tries to capture

Like an eagle who flys too high,

what lies beneath her doesn’t matter

All that matters is her wings that carry her freedom through the sky

You’re worth so much more than wasted time & you’re worth so much more than false love that’s unkind

Now lay your hand on your chest, repeat after me & close your eyes

“Your worth is never defined by the love from a man

Your worth is defined by the heart that you hold in your hand”


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