It's Back To School Season And I've Got All The Fashion Trends Here To Send Your Kid Back In Style

It's Back To School Season And I've Got All The Fashion Trends Here To Send Your Kid Back In Style


Aug. 2 2022, Published 5:00 p.m. ET

Kids' fashion has evolved immensely since were young. It's no longer printed tees with pattern leggings and the occasional denim. Nowadays kids look like little adults in their sunglasses and faux fur coats. And might I add, it's pretty adorable sometimes.

Anyways, if your kid is in the phase of wanting to dress themselves or if you need a little extra help with dressing your little one, check out these trends for fall 2022 to put in their wardrobe for easier mornings of getting ready.

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First Things First, Colors

The color palette of kids fashion resembles that of adults however, it doesn't go as dark in shades. For example, an adult would where burgundy whereas a kid would wear something more mid-toned red-purple. Brighter colors in their wardrobe keeps them looking like the youthful child that they are.

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Colors to shop around for this season include:

  • olive green
  • burnt orange
  • mustard yellow
  • warm pink tones
  • rust

And, you can't forget neutrals:

  • white/ off-white
  • creams
  • shades of brown
  • dark grey/ charcoal

Layers, Layers, Layers!

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Layering is the ultimate hack for dressing your kid in the fall time because just like they quickly transition from being cold to being hot then being cold again, so does the weather.

Layering their outfit will make it more versatile. Going to the school bus they might experience a slight chill but once they get into the classroom they will probably warm up.

Try adding a long sleeve shirt under a dress or a vest over a fun t-shirt. And for bottoms, throw on some tights or leggings underneath a fun skirt or skater dress.

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Here's what you need to fashionably layer:

  • Base layer- simple items such as pants, shirts and dresses. This is the piece of clothing that they wear inside the classroom or at home when it's slightly warmer and comfortable
  • Warmth layer- includes sweaters, scarves, beanies, etc. It's the item that they can leave on after taking off their top layer (the weather-proof layer)
  • Weather-proof layer- the outermost layer which includes windbreakers and coats.

Spice Up Their Look With Patterns and Textures

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Add some excitement to their wardrobe with unique patterns and fun textures. This is where you and your kiddo can get creative and really put their personality into the outfit.

Look for fall-inspired patterns with:

  • leaves
  • fall animals - foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs or deer
  • animal prints in fall colors
  • acorns
  • geometric shapes in fall colors.
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Denim (Obviously)

Denim is timeless therefore, you can't go wrong with have it in your child's closet. And, there's more to denim than just jeans.

Shop around for,

  • overalls to layer over a sweater or t-shirt
  • a denim jacket
  • soft button-ups
  • and of course, a pair of nice fitting pants

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