Play A Game Of Dress Up With Your Home And Re-Design The Energy You Walk Into


Aug. 16 2022, Published 2:33 p.m. ET

Tyler is the creative brain behind designing the interior and exterior of our home. He's truly a natural at picking out furniture and fixtures that complement our home and fit our style. In fact, after we purchased our historic Octagon House in the fall of 2020, Tyler went right to work on making it into a home.

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Once the house was ours, we tore down walls, gutting bathrooms and gave ourselves an entirely new kitchen as well. The renovations took us about two years but it was well worth it.

Tyler picked everything out for the house. He found the most unique light fixtures for each room. And, as different as each one is, they compliment each other so well. Specifically, the one hanging over our kitchen sink does such a good job and creating a more rustic and cozy ambiance to the space. His table choices for the living room and dining areas are also major stand-out pieces.

Giving your house a new look to walk into should be lighthearted and fun. So, I decided to put together some tips that I came across on Country Living to make your game of dress-up something you can enjoy.

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The Beauty of Slow Living

Michelle Collins, a creative specialist at Green Lili, explained, "Slow living invites a slower approach to the everyday hustle of life. At its core, it's a way of life that celebrates the little things. Those moments in our lives which make us happy or calm us down when stressed out. It's about enjoying life, connecting with others, taking care of yourself, and being mindful and present in your surroundings."

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And, when referring to interior design, Collins added in, "It's about finding happiness in the every day and creating spaces where you can relax, enjoy yourself and retreat from the chaos of the outside world. Spaces that are practical, comfortable, beautiful, and reflect you as an individual."

In the article, she continued to share tips on how to incorporate the "slow living" lifestyle into your home.

1. Establish A Calming Environment

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Collins shared, "To help calm our daily life stresses and slow down our lifestyle, spaces with muted colour schemes instantly provide a relaxing environment. Think natural furnishings, light tones, and nature's colours. A luscious house plant will not only bring colour and life into your home but also have the added benefit of cleaning the air of pollutants and toxins, which can cause stress and anxiety if we inhale them frequently."


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We are suckers for natural lighting. Nothing beats walking into a room lit up by the sun and it seems as though Collins agrees. She explained, "Lighting is essential to create a relaxing and welcoming space.

Make your room look bigger, brighter and more spacious by taking advantage of natural light wherever possible. It will make you feel more awake and energised and is excellent for reducing stress. Consider your lighting options and choose an ambience that soothes the space and the soul."

3. Choosing Artwork Is An Art

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Artwork in the home is an elegant way to dress up the walls however, Collins advised to be mindful when choosing your pieces and where you place them.

"Choosing new art can be a beautiful process if you take the time to find pieces that have heart and meaning and make you feel relaxed and happy in your home. Don't cram every wall with art. Choose large statement wall art to anchor the room visually. Maybe even incorporate it into the design scheme. Then dot smaller pieces around different parts of the room - this helps create interest without overcrowding or overwhelming the eye with too much detail."

4. Give Yourself Somewhere To Unwind

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Some men have their man cave and women have their bathtubs- all of which are great. Having a space in your home that you can "hideaway" in is good for the soul. Especially since the pandemic and being cooped up in our homes. "Whatever works for you — make sure that this space feels safe and welcoming so that it's easy for you to unwind when you need it most," said Collins.

5. De-Clutter and Upcycle

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Less is more in a lot of scenarios, your home being one of them. Collins explained, "Mess equals stress.

Clear out any clutter and unnecessary items from your home. Discard anything that doesn't serve a purpose in your life in a sustainable way, and donate or sell the rest.If you have too much stuff, finding things when you need them can be difficult, and it's harder to get motivated to clean. Having less stuff around also makes your space feel cleaner and more peaceful overall."

Collins also recommends using what you have before you go out and buy. "If your space isn't working for you, change it," she shared. "This doesn't mean buying new items. Move things around to other rooms, declutter, and upcycle existing furniture. You can make the space work for your needs and use it in different ways as your needs change."


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