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Doubling Up As A Momma And Business Woman


Apr. 7 2022, Published 5:18 p.m. ET

During season 9 of Teen Mom OG I shared my journey of my new career endeavor. I gave time to myself and decided to learn about microblading which I had the pleasure of doing at BeautyBar424. Currently I work for them but a long term goal of mine is to have my own salon.

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Feeling Motivated

The thing that pulled me into this business was knowing that I would be giving people confidence. I loved the fact that I got to be someone who made another person's day better or helped someone feel good.

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And, not only that, I am a mother of three if anyone's forgotten. A lot of my time is dedicated to my kids and my family and I want it to stay like that. Creating the time to build your family and grow together takes just as much commitment and responsibility as a job does. However, I have also expressed the importance of healthy boundaries- giving time for yourself.

This career path is not only emotionally fulfilling but it also gives me the ability to create my own hours. It's flexible. It allows me to work when my kids are at school, with friends, or whatever else they do without me, and then be home with them when they're home.

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What Microblading Even Is

Microblading is a semi-permanent form of brow tattooing. So, since it's semi-permanent, it doesn't last forever. However, it lasts much longer than the eyebrow filler you might use every day and most often re-apply.

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Don't be fooled by the word 'tattoo' either. We don't use a traditional tattoo gun. Instead, we use a smaller tool with teen, tiny, needles. The needles mimic hair strokes and fill in sparse areas giving you a more defined fuller brow. It gives you that finished brow look that doesn't fade off (after 12 hours lol.) Actually, microblading can last from one to three years (depending on your skin type,) with a touch up or two in between.

Continuing This New Journey

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As I shared earlier, I got into this because I enjoy brightening someone's day and helping them feel better in their skin. Because of that, I made sure to price my services on the lower end of typical pricing.

For a microblade/shade I charge $400 and for a touch-up I charge $200. And, gratefully I've received good feedback over those prices.

Working with BeautyBary424 has been such a great experience. My clients are wonderful and I am so happy to be doing something that I genuinely love and enjoy. And, in the future it will be a dream come true to open up my own business.


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