Invest In Your Beauty Sleep And Dream Your Sweetest Dreams With These Bedroom Musts

Invest In Your Beauty Sleep And Dream Your Sweetest Dreams With These Bedroom Musts


Sep. 14 2022, Published 6:40 p.m. ET

The value of a bedroom is sometimes underrated. No one talks about the adjustment that comes from having your own space for almost all of your life to then sharing a bedroom with someone til the end of time [once moving in together]. Now, don't get me wrong. Sharing space with your significant other is so much. It's a sleepover for the rest of your life. But, (there's always a but) it's important that you give your bedroom as much love as you do the rest of your home when putting it together.

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary. If you don't have a sunroom or a man cave to run off to, your bedroom is your next option for peace and quiet you time. Not only that, it's where you start your day and end your day. Waking up should be calming as well as going to sleep.

If you're looking for ideas on how to make your bedroom a bit more cozy and welcoming, check out these ideas.

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It Starts At The Walls

Paint color is EVERYTHING. And, when choosing one for your bedroom, size matters.

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If your room is on the smaller side, avoid dark colors. Lighter shades will open up the room, especially with the addition of proper lighting. Not just that, but lighter shades are naturally more calming. Colors such as Benjamin Moor Sea Haze, Farrow & Ball Pink Ground, or Sherwin-Williams Quietude will welcome you into your space and feel like one big exhale.

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Set The Tone With Your Bedding

Deciding on bedding can be tough. You have to consider a few things:

  • thickness of the fabric
  • quilt, comforter, or duvet
  • color scheme to match the ambiance
  • pattern or no pattern
  • what your significant other would also like
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And, we can't forget about what goes underneath your decorative layer.

Your sheets and pillows might always not be visible to the eye but they're most definitely visible to your senses when you're getting into bed at night.

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If you or your partner naturally run hot, invest in a quality pair of cooling sheets or linen ones. And, if you're skincare junky, get yourself a satin pillowcase. This will allow your skin to breathe more- minimizing pores and reducing irritation and redness.

And, since this is your sleep haven, we can't disregard comfort. The only thing worse than waking up to an alarm is waking up with a stiff neck. Save yourself the pain and invest in a pillow that keeps you properly aligned all night.

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When It Comes To Decor, Less Is More

Walking into a crowded space is like walking into a cloud of your stress. Biggest tip: remove any visual clutter.

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Here are some ideas for adding those extra details into your space to minimize a messy (stressed) appearance:

  • stackable boxes that match the aesthetic
  • a nightstand with a drawer and/or cabinet
  • under-the-bed storage
  • color coordinate your clothing rack (if you don't have a closet)
  • shoes go in a storage unit or in your closet
  • hang up scarves, hats, and bags in a decorative way if you have nowhere to store them

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