Words From A Poet: To Feel True Love From Another Is Medicine For The Heart

Words From A Poet: To Feel True Love From Another Is Medicine For The Heart


Jul. 21 2022, Published 9:53 p.m. ET

Whether it's a relationship, a friendship, or family, receiving genuine love from another human warms the heart and keeps it healthy. Love is the emotion that gives us purpose and gives us hope. Without love, what would we be? What would we strive for? Right?

We work because we love something- a lifestyle, the job itself. We create a family with someone we love because an undeniable connection is established. We continue hobbies because they bring out a version of ourselves that we... drum roll, please... LOVE.

Tyler says it beautifully when talking about love in the form of sharing it with another.

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My favorite part of living

Is learning the unique song of your heart

So I can sing it repeatedly

Whenever it starts to rip apart

Reminding you that you’re worthy

with every sweet melody...

To be loved as you are, unconditionally

Exactly as you deserve to be

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And, another one that caught me was,

I want to kiss the floor with our bare feet

Dancing in sync never missing a beat

I want to taste your love that’s sugar sweet

& explore these bodies until the sun peaks

I want to be touched without using hands

& feel your heartbeat whenever I can

Your soul is in my bones that keep me strong

Your voice serenades reminding I belong

I wanna get lost in your arms & live in the stars

Riding the galaxy & surviving on dreams

With you next to me is where I wanna lay

My fingers through your hair, with your head

on my chest is where I wanna stay

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Tyler and I have been together 16 years now. When it's true, love longer than forever. It's almost as if it blinds you to time. When it's natural you become so immersed in it that it adds to your purpose and betters your well being.

Real love, no matter who it's from, is vital for life. We all need it, if those of you in your early-mid twenties who currently feel invincible to all emotions. Love is important to give and receive so make sure to open your heart to it.


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