Celebrate National Book Month This October with New Books, Old Books, And Your Favorite Books

In 2003 the National Book Foundation created the first National Book Month which now occurs every year for the month […]

Celebrate National Book Month This October with New Books

In 2003 the National Book Foundation created the first National Book Month which now occurs every year for the month of October. According to goodgoodgood, “This themed month is the perfect opportunity to read books, support others’ rights to read books, make the choice to support independent bookstores, and maybe even chip away at a book of your own.”

If you’re new to reading or a veteran of the hobby, check out ways that you can embrace National Book Month this October.

National Book Month


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Read A New Book

Of course if there is going to be any month out of the year to challenge yourself to a new read, this is the one. Find yourself a reading nook at the library, a coffee shop you enjoy, or turn off that TV show a little earlier at night and dive into a new book that you’ve been longing to read.

Reread A Book That You Already Love

Travel back to a book that you read in the previous years, decade even, and give it another go. Choose one that you connected with at a younger age and let it be a time of reflection as well to recognize how much has changed over time.

Put Up A Little Free Library

Ever seen the adorable oversized mailboxes with transparent doors in neighborhoods around the world? That’s a part of the Little Free Library Movement. The organization is a non-profit based in St. Paul, Minnesota with a mission of bringing neighbors together, inspiring readers, and expanding book access for all.

On their site, they share, “Our vision is a Little Free Library in every community and a book for every reader. We believe all people are empowered when the opportunity to discover a personally relevant book to read is not limited by time, space, or privilege.”

Gift A Book

For the Libra or Scorpio in your life, give the gift of a book this month. Share a book that you’ve read and let it be a new way to connect with each other or, purchase a book that you believe would be relatable to them.

And, you don’t need a birthday as an excuse. If you come across a book in your collection, a book shop, or a Little Free Library that makes you think of someone you love, pass it on to them.

Visit Your Local Library And Support Independent Book Stores

Libraries are the hub for all things books. Use this month to pay a visit to your local library and remind yourself how amazing it is – filled with endless information and stories. Take a trip with a friend or by yourself to scan the bookshelves and maybe even rent something new.

In October, stop yourself from shopping on Amazon for your next read and buy from an independent book store instead. It may cost you a few extra dollars but you’re supporting so much more.

Give Audiobook A Try

Make your commute to work more enjoyable with an audiobook. Turn off the radio and turn on your favorite novel or a new one that you just haven’t had the time to sit down and read.

All reasons pointing towards trying out audiobooks are:

  • they allow you to multitask
  • they have been proven to improve vocabulary and comprehension
  • a study discovered that audiobooks can help you connect a more emotional level than simple reading
  • they are more accessible to people with disabilities

Follow Authors That You Enjoy On Social Media

If a certain author has your attention, let them know. Follow them on social media and keep up with their announcements on new books coming or maybe even other authors or books that they recommend themselves.