Words From A Poet: Put The Phone Down And Connect Because Love Isn’t Enough

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You want to say so much but you’re at a loss […]

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You want to say so much but you’re at a loss for words?

Forming sentences from your thoughts is no easy task, especially when those thoughts include deep emotion.

Unfortunately, technology has given us an easy out to distract us from our thoughts and emotions and while it may ease a type of social anxiety in the moment, it’s only damaging the future.

Disconnect to Reconnect


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Having the world at the palm of our hands gives us endless entertainment and also distracts us from the reality of what’s happening in front of us. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been in a conversation with someone and they picked up their phone, responded to a message or checked it multiple times. Raise your hand if you’ve been guilty of doing the same.

We tell ourselves that it’s fine and that it’s just today’s culture. We also tell ourselves that we’re multi-tasking. However, when multi-tasking you’re splitting attention between two things and not giving your full attention to something or someone in that moment.

Those silent drives down the road

One stares out the window

The other oblivious to the absence of hope

One’s shoulder is icy cold

The other is a happy soul

A storm is coming, they don’t even know

That time is not on their side

Unless one decides to speak their mind

So later on back at home

One says “please come here & put down the phone”

The other suggests “Okay hang on, I’m almost done”

So one walks away down the hall, tears streaming down

While the other is startled by a sudden loud sound

They run toward the the thunder with their heart being attacked

But it’s already too late, the other one’s heart couldn’t take any more breaks

The other collapses as the guilt ravishes

Screaming “how could I let this happen?!”

Because sometimes love just isn’t enough

So cherish your loved ones right now before you know the absence of their touch

Referring to relationships, it’s important that we know when to disconnect from the piece of technology in our hands and connect with the human beings in front of us.

Real time must be spent together- time with substance. Not the sharing of TikToks or Instagram Reels. Not sitting across from the television. But instead, conversations that go deeper than just ‘how was your day?’ or ‘you won’t believe what I bought at the store today.’

Relationships require a connection that goes deeper than what everyone receives from you. When you’re sharing a space with your significant other, your kids, your best friend, whoever – it’s vital for both parties to cultivate conversation that exemplifies growth, emotion, productivity, and more. Because, love isn’t enough when the reasons for that love aren’t being supported or vocalized.