No More Kids To Be Had In The Baltierra Family

Remember back in the day when parents would have anywhere from five to ten kids? Maybe even more? All I […]

Remember back in the day when parents would have anywhere from five to ten kids? Maybe even more? All I have to ask is, how did they do it? Raising another human can be expensive, let alone more than one. And not only that, each child requires a specific amount of attention which means you need multiple sets of eyes and ears on each kid at all times. Granted, life was different back then. The world seemed smaller and raising a family was people’s full time job. Nowadays most families have both parents working and are living in a world that appears to always be expanding with the advancements in technology.


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We decided that raising three kids is just enough for us. Our daughters have built-in best friends that they can play with while they’re young and borrow clothing from when they’re older (talk about a life hack). So, with that being said, we won’t be adding any more children to the Baltierra family.

Avoid Making Babies 101


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Option number one: don’t have sex.

Haha. Just kidding. Significant others should always keep that personal bond in the bedroom. So, how do you do that without the risk of pregnancy? There are multiple options such as contraceptives, the woman getting her tubes tied, the husband getting a vasectomy and then some. And, with all of the heat surrounding abortions, it’s important for us to know all of our options.

Being a mother to three girls, I want to educate and also be educated on all forms of contraceptives. Birth control for example had several hormonal and nonhomornal options. And, each of them come with their own set of “rules” such as, taking the pill at the same time everyday, avoiding a missed dose and making sure to take a missed pill right away so that way the pill doesn’t become less effective.

Barrier protection is important as well, for both the male and female. Condoms, for example, are the only way to prevent STI’s, according to Healthline. Fun fact (if you didn’t already know): condoms exist for men and women. BUT, both should not be used at the same time.

More permanent options include: women getting their tubes tied and men getting a vasectomy. When a woman gets her tubes tied the Fallopian tubes are blocked so the eff can’t travel to the uterus. When a man gets a vasectomy, sperm is prevented from being released during ejaculation.

Tyler Takes One For The Team


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If you haven’t already heard the news, Tyler recently got a vasectomy procedure. I shared the news to my Instagram feed and I have to share his response with you because he is such a king for this.

In the words of Tyler, “If ANYONE has taken one for the team it’s YOU! Your amazing body has carried & birthed 4 beautiful babies, all I had to do was get a shot & 2 snips! Once I figured out what the song was though, I was dyyyiiinngg lmao I love you!!! ????????

But on another note…I’ve recently been seeing a lot of women saying that their significant others didn’t want to get one. This is WILD to me! Any man who’s not willing to get a vasectomy so his wife doesn’t have to get her tubes tied is pathetic as hell & I’m sorry that you’re with such a selfish weak man…you deserve better! (thank you for coming to my tedtalk) hahaha! ????????????‍♂️”

So, to all of my moms and dads out there, don’t wait to have these talks with your young ones. Sex and pregnancy is a natural part of life and the best way to be on top of it is to stay educated.