Words From A Poet: Take Yourself Along The Uncomfortable Road That Brings You Brighter Days

Discomfort is inevitable. Whether it be through pain or positive change, we go through a moment of being uncomfortable because […]

Discomfort is inevitable. Whether it be through pain or positive change, we go through a moment of being uncomfortable because good or bad, we can’t prepare for it. With pain comes self pitty whereas with joy comes self-love and acceptance. When going through a phase of either, it’s important that we stand by our own side and ask for the love that we require at that time. We also must give it to ourselves.

Tyler shares words below:

I have too much anxiety thinking of the future

I have too many heartbreaks in need of a suture

If I keep living like this, man I know I’m going to lose it

If this life doesn’t change up for me man I know I won’t make it

I’m done being blind & complacent

Why can’t I feel my heart in sync with my gut when it’s adjacent

I have a lot to say with this breath so I can’t waste it

But I need someone to listen

I need someone to love me without them judging me

I need someone to really hold me not just hug me

Don’t pat me on the back, I don’t need advice, I just need this life to cut me some slack, while this brain sits in pain that can’t contain these deep thoughts when I’ve hit this peak of being weak

Which makes it hard to see when I feel like I’m about to crack

When I talk to someone about it I just end up feeling attacked

& I think it’s quite sad that our society doesn’t realize how to love unconditionally

They don’t know how to open up with authenticity

They would all rather stay in a dark place where compassion is blinding

These emotions keep unwinding

There’s no freedom they’re just binding

There’s no distractions to help me get past this

It’ll always be difficult being more comfortable the more I move fast

Even if I crash & I know it’s destructive when this depression keeps getting in my way it’s disruptive & it gets pretty hard for me to cope with

I got to cut myself free from being all roped in

It’s exhausting to always feel lost

But I really don’t have the wealth that it takes to be found, I can’t afford that type of cost

This anxiety keeps making this heartbeat so loud as it tries to untie the restraints that’s abound

It’s not okay that everything I say feels unheard like nobody cares or like I’m some sort of burden that needs to go away

Well okay that’s great, I guess now I’ll just listen & finally fade away, see you want me to go when I just want to stay

I just wish there were words that could express all of this…but I don’t think anybody can hear me screaming from the bottom of this abyss

So if I ever want to be heard, then I need to get a grip & climb out of this darkness

If I ever want to really get over all of this

Because I refuse to drown in self pity

Yeah life will get gritty

You just got to be willing

to stand up

While taking all this pain & suffering

& use all those bruises to keep on moving

& take what you’ve proven to be true right inside of you & remember…

Whatever they say…their words will never define you…because you define yourself & that’s something no one can ever take away