Words From A Poet: Change Your Perception To Have Peace In Your Possession

You weren’t in control of the cards you were dealt but you are in control of how you play them. […]

You weren’t in control of the cards you were dealt but you are in control of how you play them. Imagine the life that you want for yourself and go after it.


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You want all this sympathy

You want all this pity

You want the world to respect you

But you aren’t even willing

To stand up & realize

It’s no ones fault but your own

No it may not be your fault that you have these issues

But it’s your fault that you refuse to acknowledge the change of action

That is required in order to terminate this self loathing you’ve allowed to transpire

See I’m not like the rest of them

Who pat your back

& rub your head

Then tell you everything’s going to be fine

Even though you’re still stuck

Because I refuse to lie

That’s just not fair to you

Your perception is stuck in negativity

& you let yourself get caught up in it way too easily

You need to take responsibility

For your own peace & relativity

You need to make some moves, even some tiny ones if you choose…because from tiny seeds, grow the mightiest trees

Now listen to me…you want to fix this depression?

Then start changing your perception

& if happiness is what you desire

Stop feeling sorry for yourself & do what’s required

& then watch all of a sudden

Peace & happiness finally end up in your possession

One of my favorite quotes is from the film, “Perks of Being a Wallflower.” It goes, “We accept the love we think we deserve.” And this is so true. Whether it be the love we accept from ourselves, or another, we only demand and accept (or in some cases put up with) what we believe we’re worthy of. So, with that being said, believe that you’re worthy of all of the good things and good people that come to you. Don’t fear them, accept them and their love and love yourself the same. Allow it to bring you true happiness.