Words From A Poet: Try The Creative Way of Healing Your Pain Through Different Art Forms

I keep searching for the answer when I don’t even know the question I can’t stop the unnecessary obsession I […]

I keep searching for the answer

when I don’t even know the question

I can’t stop the unnecessary obsession

I can’t stop all these negative thoughts

That just keep tearing me apart

While I lay here alone & distraught

I keep silently screaming in the dark

I still need to heal my broken heart

Which starts by turning my pain into art

Mirror Your Pain in Forms of Art


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The beauty of art is that it has no right or wrong. It’s a form of self-expression with a ton of different definitions. It comes in a multitude of mediums such as writing, drawing, and music, to only name a few.

For some of us, mirroring our thoughts and emotions into conversation is challenging, uncomfortable, and even ineffective. Therefore, there must be another way to cleanse the mind from its fatigue. And, that’s where art comes in.

As I’ve talked about before, Brené Brown, shared her findings of us humans having 87 emotions. Yes, a lot. I know. So, with all of those emotions bottled up, how can you manage to be clear-headed? Well, It’s simple. You can’t.

Putting your feelings into something tangible such as a CD or a canvas, we are giving ourselves another way of viewing our happiness, sadness, or stress. This tangible work of art also makes everything more real and becomes a motivating factor in embracing and/or healing.

In his poem, Tyler talks about creating art through the pain of a broken heart.

Heartbreak is a common catalyst for artwork. Most of our favorite songs thrive on our emotional stress over someone we love or once loved. And, although sad, it’s also beautiful. These shared pieces of art allow us to connect as people and feel related to. It takes a willingness to be vulnerable and not fear being judged. However, not all art has to be shared with the world.

The art that you create to release your thoughts can also be a form of therapy. This art can be for you and only you and maybe those who you choose to share it with. In fact, you can go to art therapy. As I said earlier, verbal communication doesn’t work for everyone and that’s where art therapy comes in. Instead of sitting down and talking with a therapist you can paint it out, share music that resonates with you, create a sculpture even- whatever your form of self-expression is.

So, next time you feel an urge to release energy from your mind, positive or negative, try communicating through an art form and see how it makes you feel.