We’re Always Told To Express Ourselves But, What If We’re Still Learning How To?

Self-expression can come in many forms. There’s no right or wrong way to express who you are. The only necessary […]

Self-expression can come in many forms. There’s no right or wrong way to express who you are. The only necessary component is being genuine in your approach.

We are constantly growing and evolving into a new version of ourselves, learning new likes and dislikes, and figuring out what it is that we truly want out of life. From there, is the action we take to fulfill that new sense of self, be surrounded by those things we enjoy, and work towards the future we imagine for ourselves.

Tyler and I grew up having to figure out our purpose and pave our path from a young age. And, obviously, no one knows who they are [entirely] at the age of 16. But, experiencing pregnancy and the potential of becoming parents pushed us to become introspective and really think about the life we imagined for ourselves. With decisions like that comes owning who you truly are. And what’s one of the best ways to do that? By expressing yourself through some sort of outlet. Wearing your heart on your sleeve and saying ‘this is me,’ whether it be through the way you dress, the career path you chose, art, and so on.

For example, Tyler writes poetry. As for myself, my career is my outlet. I love micro blading as an art. And, I also genuinely enjoy the people that I meet and being part of their journey to feeling confident in their appearence.

As parents, we strive to teach our kids how to express themselves through different outlets in hope that it’ll teach them the value of getting to know who they are deep down.

This type of habit takes the willingness to be vulnerable and unafraid of what people might say or think. Just remember that this isn’t about them, it’s about you. The people who appreciate your way of expression will gravitate towards you naturally and make you feel good about it.

Nova Get’s Her Hair Done


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So this week we let Nova get her hair done and boy does she look great. Not only that but she matches her mamma. Well, almost. Haha

When going to the salon, Nova expressed wanting to do something new and different. As a mom, part of me was like ‘no way, you’re still my baby’ and the other part was like ‘oh my gosh, she’s growing up and I have to understand that she’s going to start wanting to try new things.’

All in all, we decided to let Nova add purple into her hair. And, for anyone who doesn’t agree with this, we went about it in a way that’s the ultimate parent hack.

We only colored the bottom half so that way, as her hair grows out, the color is the first thing to be trimmed off. Haha.

Safe to say though, she loves it and we love how happy it makes her. Because let’s be real, if we don’t allow our kids to feel comfortable expressing who they are to us then, they will only become more distant from us as they grow up. I mean, I’m sure we all can relate to being told ‘no’ and doing it anyways. As parents, Tyler and I want to be part of that growth and change within our children and who they become.

Find Your Outlet


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How you choose to express yourself is your choice. However, if you need a few ideas to start you off, check out all of these ways you can get introspective and wear your personality on your sleeve.

  1. Journaling
  2. Music – writing, producing, instruments, etc.
  3. Painting
  4. Drawing
  5. How you choose to style your clothing
  6. Career path
  7. Hobbies
  8. Make-Up
  9. Hair styles/ color
  10. Dancing