They Grow Up So Fast: This Weekend We Celebrated Our Baby Rya Rose Turning One!

Time might be a construct but call it what you will, either way, it passes. Our youngest baby girl, Rya […]

Time might be a construct but call it what you will, either way, it passes.

Our youngest baby girl, Rya Rose, turns one this month! On Saturday we celebrated with her first birthday party and it was a total success. The day was full of smiles, laughter, and of course plenty of sugar.

Wild ONE

It’s a common theory that the youngest sibling of a family’s bunch is typically the wildest one and while we can’t say that for Rya just yet, we threw her a party to celebrate that possibility. Haha just kidding. But, the title of her party was “wild one”. We were just referring to more of a jungle (in the wild) theme rather than the former.

She spent the day surrounded by everyone who adores her, dressed in beige with a giant bow on her head to match.

We had a pink and green cake made with icing in the shape of roses topped with a jungle accessory and her “1” candle. And yes, she most definitely enjoyed every bite of that thing.

Jungle-theme decorations were spread throughout our dining room to really set the scene for our baby girl. We bought teal and pink balloons and purchased a birthday set of jungle decor covered in adorable animals.

Words From Tyler

Tyler is so good at communicating his love for our three girls. It’s bittersweet watching them grow up so fast but in that process, we are also witnessing them become best friends. I truly believe that we are meant to raise strong and independent women of a new generation. Here’s a poem from my husband that ties in well with our well-spent weekend and better spent years with our kiddos.

At first I must admit, I was terrified

Until I saw your face for the first time

I looked right down at you & said

“Hi baby, it’s nice to meet you, I’m your dad”

Your little hand around my pinky

Transferred blissful peace I wasn’t expecting

& each day my pinky gets a tad too small

But you still hold on which makes me strong

I used to think I didn’t deserve you

But now I know where I belong

& it’s with you in my arms

Your head hovering over my heart

Our souls tethered to never tear apart

Change is good, change is healthy, as well as growth. We can’t believe that this weekend was our last first birthday celebration for our kids but we are so excited for their future and ours with them. Parenting is a forever evolving journey and we are blessed to be on it with Rya, Vaeda and Novalee.