Words From A Poet: You Are Your Own Responsibility And No One Elses

When we are hurting the easier thing to do is blame another for our pain. It’s easy to look for […]

When we are hurting the easier thing to do is blame another for our pain. It’s easy to look for outside factors as to why we’re sad or stressed or angry rather than to look within. That’s because looking within means taking fault for our negative emotions. It means facing the music and taking constructive criticism from ourselves to adjust our attitude and take responsibility for our own life.

The easy thing to do is to get comfortable with the pain and let it linger throughout life. But, although it might be easy, that doesn’t make it the better option.

The hard thing to do would be to fix the problem at hand on your own, by diving deep into your mind and creating uplifting self-talk that levels you up into the great human that you have the potential to be – the person who can achieve all of your aspirations.

Tyler shared a poem below that I will get your mind going to begin looking within more, rather than around.

have goals & dreams that carry this vision of a mission that’s destined to change my position & what I perceive

by learning to believe that my dreams are actually things I can really achieve

with great power & a life fulfilled with memorable chapters that are full of euphoric laughter

It was a disaster when my heart used to be ripped at the seam with these dark thoughts in my head, that required much more than a needle & thread

They required a suture if I wanted a future, but I didn’t need some surgeon or some doctor to do it

All I needed was the capability

to open my eyes & see clearly to be capable or ever able to loosen up these strings that kept me tied up with deep rope marks that never stopped stinging

It left me blind & weary

So much, that it was eerie being so comfortable the more it got scary

But see, all I needed was me

to pull these heart strings back together

Because In the end I realized the solution to my problems resides in me

& It’s no one’s responsibility to fix me besides me