Words From A Poet: Nothing Can Tear Me Down When I’ve Got Myself On My Side

We go through these phases when we feel out of control of ourselves. It’s natural. It can come with change, […]

We go through these phases when we feel out of control of ourselves. It’s natural. It can come with change, growth, and new beginnings. It can be scary and intimidating. It’s easy to get caught up in the negativity however, it is up to you to make it great. The challenging times that life throws at you don’t need to be damaging. It’s okay to hurt but let it create a fire within you to initiate positive change and behavior.

Words from Tyler:

I feel something rising inside me

I think it’s energy shifting

Maybe it’s time to make my own life

& stop relying on negativity from demons

That really have no control over me

I think I’m finally ready to start battling

& I won’t ever stop training

Even when my body is bleeding

Broken & all bruised stumbling

It will not affect me

I just keep rising & learning

Every strategy needed

To reach the peak of victory

Which is dethroning any rival enemy

So go ahead & sick the devil on me

He’s got nothing on me

If he’s a legendary beast

Then Im a medieval king

Who’s addicted to the thrill of hunting

When riding upon my dragon

Fire breathing everything to ashes

While pillaging every village

Until I find him so I can kill him

& every one of his cruel demons

So go ahead & draw your sword to test me

Just don’t forget that all my trauma

Created armor that’s immune to evil karma Because if you want to start receiving

Anything worthy of deserving

Then get better at what your giving

Because I’ve mastered that cosmic balance

No Pain, No Gain


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Can’t stop these thoughts

They are so petty

I try to run, but their weight makes me heavy

Without mercy, they are cruel

Their abrasive with their anger

& super evil when they’re persuasive

I fight them, but they’re persistently invasive

I can’t keep up with their race

That life makes me chase

So it’s time to remember the truth

That in spite of all the weight on my shoulders From my life & all it’s troubles,

I’ve always broke through

The roof of life’s obstacles

With the passion of this heart in my chest

I’ll always stay strong, I don’t need any rest

I possess perseverance

that I got from my past & all It’s mistakes

So I ain’t going nowhere…

Because even though I’m stuck with the pain

It gives me the strength needed

To stand tall here today

So let me say it again, just in case…

I ain’t going nowhere, I came here to stay!