If You Battle Depression You Aren’t On The Battlefield Alone Although At Times It May Feel As So

The year 2020 forced a lot of change on lives across the globe. Some were positive and others uncomfortable. Many […]

The year 2020 forced a lot of change on lives across the globe. Some were positive and others uncomfortable. Many people lost their jobs and in a result felt like they lost their purpose. Others lost people close to them and therefore felt like they lost all love in their life.

Purpose and love and two very important factors in feeling worth. And, the feeling of worthiness is vital for happiness.

Depression used to be something that society would try to ignore in hopes that acting like it doesn’t exist will make it go away. But, [unfortunately] that is now the case. Depression needs to be healed. It needs to be leaned into to understand it to then rise above it.

If you’ve experienced depression for yourself, you already know what I’m talking about. However, if you haven’t read this poem from Tyler to get a better look into the head space that it creates.

Can you help me find myself?

I feel like I’m all lost again

I can’t seem to pull up from this

I’m doomed to my own suffering

I want to be done feeling all this pain

I want to be done feeling all this rage

I want to break free from this heavy cage

that’s always in my way

I just don’t understand

It always has the upper hand

The beginning of the poem reveals how out of control you are. Your mind is winning and it’s beating you down in the process. You can barely recognize the face staring back at you in the mirror. And, you question, am I the body that I’m seeing, or am I the mind that is thinking? Which one is really me?

Depression is never part of someone’s plan…

I just want to be done feeling so damn low

I just want to be done putting on this show

I just want to be done feeling all alone

I just want to be done & put down my phone

I just want to be done waiting for love to grow

I just want to be done waiting for something

to keep me going, but it’s hard knowing

it will never show up…

In no way does someone wake up one day and decide to be sad to the point of feeling paralyzed. Depression comes over you like a tidal wave. It’s a gradual build over time from past traumas or even just one traumatic incident. It makes you want nothing to do with anything but also wish for just something to pull you out of it.

You become desperate for “that thing” that’s going to allow you to feel safe in your skin again but feels impossible to find.

I keep trying to pull myself up

out of this deep rut

but somehow life just keeps me stuck

These next words from Tyler come from a different poem. They are meant to give hope. They’re a reminder that you are worth and you are enough even when your sadness is telling you otherwise.

You’re worth loving

You’re a treasure to keep

You’re a special human being

You deserve to be living & breathing

on this planet, exploring all your talents

while achieving every goal

that you choose to chase after

So don’t lose hope, just love what matters

& embrace every mistake

to be rewritten as a lesson

Because your life is never a waste

& you’re a beautiful person

Although healing depression isn’t as easy as reading some positive words, it’s a start. Feeding your mind healthy thoughts is just as important as feeding your body healthy foods. What we ingest is what we become. If we continue to fuel our mind with rage, sadness and negative entities then that is what our mind will become.

However, if we make a shift in what we allow our minds to process, we can begin to heal.

Healthy Practices To Fuel Your Mind


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  1. Read books or listen to podcasts/ audiobooks that challenge introspection
  2. Surround yourself with people who choose to see the good in the world and in life itself
  3. Exercise daily – go on a walk, a hike, a bike ride, join a gym, etc.
  4. Meditate for a few minutes a day to allow your mind to breathe and disconnect from the world
  6. Find solutions to mistakes rather than beat yourself up for them
  7. Therapy, therapy, and uhm, therapy