Making Our House Into A Home: See What We Did

Back in the fall of 2020 Tyler and I purchased a piece of history. A retired Great Lakes sailor named […]

Back in the fall of 2020 Tyler and I purchased a piece of history. A retired Great Lakes sailor named George Smith built the Octagon House in 1869. It has three levels- a basement, first and second floor and an observation deck at the top. From the observation deck you can see Lake Huron from four miles away. Surrounding the house is 240 acres of farmland which was once used to raise and breed champion race horses. However, in present day, it has become a home to our family and our furry animals. Check out how we made it ours.

From Deconstruction to Reconstruction

Our octagon house is 160 years old so naturally, you can assume that we had to do some work on it after buying. Walls were torn down, bathrooms were gutted and even re-did the entire kitchen.

The renovations took us two years. And, if you’re someone who’s ever done a home renovation before, even if it was just one room of the house, then you can understand how upside down your lifestyle becomes. However, it was worth every day of it because we now have a home that we can call ours and fits our family exactly how we need it to.

Tyler Is Actually The Mind Behind The Scenes

I have to be honest with you guys. Tyler picked everything out for the house. He is the mind behind the scenes that made it look so fricken beautiful. I’m not super into that kind of stuff and he has a natural nack for it so I let him take full control over the interior design.

Tyler picked out the most unique light fixtures for each room. As different as each one is, they compliment each other so well. Specifically, the one hanging over our kitchen sink does such a good job and creating a more rustic and cozy ambiance to the space. His table choices for the living room and dining areas are also major stand-out pieces. He really did do such an awesome job.

My Favorite Space, You Ask?

Like I said earlier, we had to gut both the kitchen and the bathrooms when renovating our home. And, although there’s nothing like a newly renovated kitchen with all of the most updated gadgets, that actually isn’t my favorite room.

My favorite space in the house is our bathroom because we have a jetted tub. If you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend putting it on your bucket list of home improvements because, wow. Talk about the best way to relax after a tiring day or a hectic week.

Remember all of the self-care practices I’ve stressed? Well, this is definitely one of those things for me that keeps me sane after a busy day with kiddos or a long day of work.