Clothing Is A Second Skin That Should Be Part Of Making You Feel More Confident

It’s common that we see a look on a model in a photo or a mannequin in a window and […]

It’s common that we see a look on a model in a photo or a mannequin in a window and instantly picture ourselves in it, and might I add, looking good in it. However, things don’t always go to plan and sometimes that can take a dig at our confidence. But, what if I told you that didn’t have to happen? That you could put an item of clothing or an entire outfit on and feel great in it? Would you believe me?

No matter what you responded to that last question, you must be curious if you kept reading to this point so, I promise not to disappoint you. Haha.

Knowing and Understanding Your Body Type


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One of the most important thing when dressing is knowing your body type. There are four different shapes that a woman can have and five different shapes of men.

Body shapes for women include:

  • rectangle- straight body
  • pear
  • apple
  • hourglass

Body shapes for men include:

  • triangle
  • inverted triangle
  • oval
  • rectangle
  • trapezium

How do you know which shape is yours? Well, start off by having someone take your measurements for you. And, yes, someone else has to do it because it was not accurate if you do them to yourself. It’s actually quite impossible to get it right that way because of the ways that your body alters as you use different muscles.

Once you have your measurements, you can figure out which shape is the best match to you.


  • rectangle: not much of a defined waistline. Your measurements are about the same in all sections of your body.
  • pear: your bust measurements are fairly smaller than the ones of your hips. Your waistline is also well defined.
  • apple: your upper body measurements are proportionally larger than your lower body. Someone with this shape also typically has broad shoulders and slim hips.
  • hourglass: balances measurements at your bust and bum, giving you a defined waistline.


  • triangle: your chest measurements are fairly smaller than your hips. The lower half of your body is a bit fuller and your shoulder line slopes.
  • inverted triangle: the measurements of your upper body are larger than those of your lower body, giving you a narrow waist.
  • oval: larger measurements around the back and the waistline. legs and bum are more slender.
  • rectangle: measurements from your chest to your waist are almost the same. Your torso is also more straight than curved.
  • trapezium: the measurements of the upper torso are larger than the lower torso. your waist and hips are slightly narrow.

Every body type dresses different and must dress different because clothing will fit differently according to wear your weight falls. So if you’re a pear shape and wondering why that short straight t-shirt dress you saw on Kendall Jenner doesn’t fit you “as well,” it’s not because you’re not Kendall, it’s because that style dress wasn’t made for your shape. However, add a belt to the waistline and you’re in business.

Dressing For You Body Shape


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When getting dressed, it’s important to think about balance. Using the right clothing options and accessories we can balance out the proportions of our body to create a more symmetrical look.

For example, if you have a more rectangle shape but you desire to look less boxy and more curvy, add a best at your waist to separate your upper and lower halves. Wear a top and a bottom with more volume as well to give your waist the appearance of being smaller from the rest of your body.

Or, for men with an inverted triangle shape, don’t wear tight pants. Wear pants with a looser fit to balance out your broad shoulders and your hips.

The key to confidence in clothing is shopping/ dressing for your body type. Unfortunately, some styles just won’t work for us. But, the positive side of that is, a lot of looks can work, we just have to know how to put it together.

Clothing is literally our second skin. It’s the one that everyone sees and also tells a little story about who we are. Therefore, we deserve to feel good in it.

No body type is greater than or less than another, however, it’s common that some people feel as such at times (usually when feeling insecure about their own). From here on out, pay more attention to what you’re trying on and be honest with yourself if you feel good in it and if it’s fitting to your shape. Remember, balance is key. (And comfort).