‘Teen Mom’ Family Reunion: You Want to Know Who I’m Closest To?

Friendship is a beautiful things. And, making meeting people with similar experiences as you is a gateway to bonding on […]

Friendship is a beautiful things. And, making meeting people with similar experiences as you is a gateway to bonding on a more personal level. The original cast of 16 and Pregnant has been together for quite some time now, staying with the MTV franchise still to this day, filming for Teen Mom OG. The drama has been no secret and today I’m going to share the other side to it. The friendships that were built and who I’m personally most connected to.

Who I’ve Found Myself With On My ‘Teen Mom’ Journey

It feels good to say that I get along with all of the girls that I’ve grown up on the show with. Two of the ladies I’ve grown very close to are Amber and Cheyenne.

Amber and I are notorious for being as open and honest with each other as it gets. We’ve grown to appreciate that about each other. Our childhood however, is what initially bonded us. We hold similar experiences which connected us from day one.

Cheyenne someone who I can always count on for the open minded responses and advice. She’s a very down to earth human. The two of us honestly just click. You know those people you meet and it’s like you’ve known them forever? That’s us.

Being On ‘Teen Mom’ Isn’t All That Bad

Being a part of this franchise since it’s first series, 16 and Pregnant, has meant putting a spotlight on my life- the good and the bad. People watched me grow up, make mistakes, reach goals, build a family and everything in between. It’s a vulnerable thing to put yourself out on national television like that. Although, it wasn’t all that bad.

Having this platform to be vulnerable on allowed me to be upfront and real about my own mental health struggles and how I overcame them. I knew and still know that someone out there was able to relate and be reminded that no one is alone when fighting poor mental health.

If I Could Do Anything Differently

If it was up to me, I would produce the show in a way that allowed all of us girls (the cast) to be together more often. Only we can understand certain things about each other’s lives because only we experienced them.

We might have all come from different places when initially being cast but, after all of this time we now share more in common than we once did. I think it would be awesome to have each other closer more often and I think the show would be a great place for that.