I’d Rather Count A Million Little Wonderful Things Than To Only Have One Large Good Thing

We often get so caught up in the big moments of life that we forget how important the smaller ones […]

We often get so caught up in the big moments of life that we forget how important the smaller ones are. However, isn’t it the smaller moments that lay the foundation for the big ones?

For example: taking a road trip somewhere. The destination to the big beautiful hotel on the coast is what you’re looking forward to most but, what about the 6-hour drive there? You most definitely cannot skip it. And, that drive will be the catalyst for so many new memories. So naturally, you think of ways to make 6-hours bearable. Maybe you stop at a coffee shop on the way, connect music that makes you feel good, have conversations that bring you closer to the people you’re with, and so on.

And, those my friends, are the little things. It’s the little things that put a smile on your face and in your heart and add up to set the tone for the grand moments.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket


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A common lesson told is “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” Basically, we are being taught not to get our hopes high or expect one thing to be the magic pill that solves everything and gives us what we’ve been searching for. And that’s fair right? To put all of our expectations in one place is risky. So, why would you depend your happiness on one major event in life that may or may not happen, or that may or may not be great?

You’re probably looking at your computer screen right now saying, ‘well, yea Cate, I wouldn’t do that.” And that’s great. But, to challenge that thought I’m going to ask you this: When is the last time you got excited for something minute?

With that question, I’m asking: when was the last time you got out of bed just because you were looking forward to breakfast? Do you grow more love for your person when they text you something as simple as, ‘have a great day?’ Do you go to work not just for the next promotion but because you also get to spend the day with people you enjoy (sometimes haha)?

I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.

What I’m saying is that we need those little things because without them life would just be a sprint and then a walk. High highs and low lows. There would be no grey area. And it’s that grey area that keeps our wheels turning and our happy hormones working at a steady rate.

Elevate Your Life One Little Thing At A Time


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Happiness isn’t a destination. You might argue that by telling me that sitting on a beach in the middle of the summer with no stress and a margarita in hand is 100% a happiness destination and you are not wrong haha. But, unfortunately, that is not every day. And, if it was every day, it would no longer be special. Eventually, you would long for more and something different.

Instead of counting down the days until your next day off or that big vacation you planned, give purpose to the present. Go into those bigger moments you’ve been longing for with joy already flowing through you so that way if it rains on your one day off or your flight gets delayed to your destination, you don’t begin to feel like you’re losing.

Give each day a little bit of purpose, set little goals, and/or treat yourself to something.

You can applaud yourself for getting yourself to the gym after skipping it for three months. You can write out a thoughtful card to a friend for their birthday if you can’t afford a gift. You can smile to yourself as you sit outside drinking your coffee or tea, admiring the home you live in. You can get excited over the new stapler on your desk that matches the rest of your stationary items so perfectly.

Gestures to yourself or others around you don’t always have to be grand, they just have to be genuine. So, like I’ve been saying, give more attention to those little things because they add up to so much more than a single big thing that isn’t guaranteed to be “good” anyways.