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November 28, 2023
In the midst of what has been described as a challenging divorce, international music sensation Shakira recently departed from Barcelona, […]
November 22, 2023
Kanye West has sought solace at the luxurious Banyan Tree AlUla in Saudi Arabia, a reported ‘desert paradise,’ amidst ongoing […]
Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez take a walk hand in hand while on vacation in St-Tropez. 17 Jun 2023 Pictured: Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez. Photo credit: EliotPress / ELIOTPRESS / MEGA +1 888 505 6342 (Mega Agency TagID: MEGA996457_001.jpg) [Photo via Mega Agency]
June 17, 2023
In a heartwarming display of affection, tech titan Jeff Bezos and his partner, Lauren Sanchez, were spotted hand in hand, […]
November 2, 2022
Every day is an opportunity to spread kindness to those you love and those you don’t know (yes, strangers.) Here’s what you can do.
October 25, 2022
Turn your holiday shopping into a gesture of love by shopping for items that will make someone smile and animals too!
A Few Ways To Nourish Your Relationship With Your Child To Build A Strong Bong
October 11, 2022
Connecting is the key to building a strong bond with someone. Therefore, if we want to have a relationship with […]
Words From A Poet: You Accept Love Best When You Believe That You Deserve It
October 6, 2022
As the famous line goes from ‘Perks of Being A Wallflower,’ “We accept the love we think we deserve.” Knowing […]
Spend Less Time In The Kitchen And More Time With Your Out-of-Town Guests Using These Recipes
October 5, 2022
Mornings with your holiday company are meant to be enjoyed. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with a variety of breakfast […]
Words From A Poet: Actions Are What Give Value to Your Words
September 19, 2022
The most worthy apology is received with no words but seen with action… because without action, apologies can’t be heard […]
September 1, 2022
Life happens and time passes. It’s easy to get caught up in the motion and forget to verbally remind those […]